About our company

As part of the SAG Group, Digifab Ltd. not only handles internal printing jobs but also distributes all-over printed fabrics for the local market or export to Europe.

We offer "All Over Digital Printing", which is sublimation and reactive printing of polyester fabrics and natural fibers. In doing so, we meet all required sustainability parameters such as Blue Sign, Reach, and FSC.

Our services

From fabric production and printing to packaging and shipping - in order to meet the high quality standards of our customers, we carry out all work steps in-house.

  • Fabric Production & Testing
  • Sublimation transfer printing
  • Digital reactive printing
  • Finishing & Shipping

Sublimation Output

Sublimation transfer printing with a daily capacity of 4000-6000 prints.

Reactive Output

Digital reactive printing with a capacity of up to 6000-8000 meters per day.

Social responsibility

Certified fair and safe working conditions.


Save up to 70-80 liters per printed meter.


A potential energy saving of over 63%.

Environmentally friendly

We meet all necessary sustainability standards.

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Sublimation Printing

The JP4 EVO is our recommended option for sublimation transfer printing on polyester fabrics and polyester blends.

Sublimation printing is a modern technique for producing sports jerseys. A special sublimation paper is printed with the design and then bonded to the polyester jersey in a heat and pressure press. The sublimation ink transforms directly from solid to gas, penetrates the textile fibers and thus ensures brilliant, color-intensive and long-lasting designs. This method enables the seamless integration of complex graphics and individual designs. This results in breathable, comfortable and high-performance sports jerseys.

Reactive printing

The JP7 is an industrial digital press. It is specifically designed to print directly onto rolls of natural fabric.

Our current capacity is up to 6000-8000 meters per day, depending on the type of fabric, thanks to our two Italian MS JP7 printing machines for direct printing on fabric. We plan to expand this setup to double our capacity to 12000 meters per day.